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[DCS] AhoyWorld Visits Syria: Night Time Investigation - 15/10/2022 @ 18:00 UTC


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AhoyWorld Visits Syria



Command has spotted an increase in unknown naval activity at Tartus Port.


We have been dispatched from RAF Akrotiri to investigate, report back what we find and be prepared to strike whatever we find. We are under strict ROE: do not fire unless fired upon.



Investigate Tartus Port activity and report back to command.



Server Details:

Name: [Ahoyworld.net] EU1 


Port: 10308 

Running on Open Beta


Password: see #dcs-world channel on discord




Port: 5002


Required Mod/Map:

Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

Install/setup guide: http://dcssimpleradio.com/gettingstarted/



TS Address:

Brief will take place in Ready room on TeamSpeak prior to start up.



Player slots:

x4 F/A-18C

x4 F-16 

x2 F-14B

x1 Su-25T

x2 M2000C

x4 A-10CII

x2 AV-8B

x2 Viggen

x4 AH-64D

x2 Ka-50

x2 Mi-24P CTLD

x2 Mi-8MTV2 CTLD

x4 Gazelle (Mistral, M, L, Minigun) CTLD


x1 Observer ATC/GCI

x3 JTAC operator

x3 Tactical Commander


Respawn slots available.

- Respawn slots at WP 2


Last call for slot requests Friday


Targets & Threats


  • Syrian Armed Forces
  • Unknown naval forces


Required weapon employments


Air to Air & Air to ground Weapons of choice.


Restricted Weapons




Command, Control & Communication

Overall command may be taken by anyone on the day.

Flight leaders will be selected on the day.

Radio Channels can be found below. (SRS is required to play this mission)




(Carrier details can be found on in game brief)


Flight plan 


(may be changed by command on the day)

Current starting airfields, carrier & FARP:

- RAF Akrotiro

- US Carriers

- HMS Invincible


  • Flights will take off and form up before making there way to waypoint 2 (FARP london for helicopters)
  • From Waypoint 2 flights will move to a position to get eyes on Tartus and report back to command what they see.
  • If at this point you have not been fired upon command will send new orders, likely to strike whatever you find. (Build loadouts accordingly)
  • Flights will then RTB for rearm or endex dependent on mission time.





Required Skills:

  1. Radio usage (setting and switching channels)


Optional Skills:

  1. Air to Air Refuelling
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