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Operation Oasis


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What is Operation Oasis?


Operation Oasis is my next step in DCS mission making. It is the test bed mission I am using to learn the ways of Moose scripting and move away from the ways of Escalating Terror with its hundreds of triggers. 


Oasis is not replacing Escalating Terror as the 24/7 mission. You can find it in the map voting system, type -help in chat for details on how to load the mission. This will ideally give those who own or are trialling Syria the opportunity to play together on a different map and in a environment that can be tailored to community desires.


Goals for Operation Oasis


- Be easily moved around map locations (from south side to north, etc)

- Be easily ported between maps (from Syria to Falklands, etc)

- More base capture oriented (have more of a goal to it than just kill)

- More replay ability (less predictable enemy locations as we see in ET)


Current State

Pls note the mission does not currently have any restart system so will just remain up non stop, restarter in future update. Best to map vote back to Caucasus before you leave.


Oasis is currently in a very basic form to test some basic features.

- Completely random enemy positions

- Red CAP systems

- Red respawn systems




Low Threat area is ideal for those who do not want a long travel time or high risk of being shot down.  
Units in the area consist of:
- Technicals
- Tanks
- Fortifications
- Infantry


The Medium Threat area is ideal for those who want some danger in their life.
Units in the area consist of:
- Short to Medium  range SAM
- Technicals
- Tanks
- Red CAP


The High Threat area is perfect for those looking to live on the edge.
Units in the area consist of:
- Medium to Long Range SAM
- Red CAP


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