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Baltic Dawn - Scorched Earth 11-08-2022


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Mission Name:

Baltic Dawn – Scorched Earth

Server Details:


Port: 2302

Mods required:

AWE Baltic Dawn compat.htmlAWE Baltic Dawn.html

TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length


Player Slots: 23


·         Falcon // 4-man Platoon element

·         Wolf, Fox // 6-man Infantry squads

·         Hedgehog, Elk // 3-man weapons teams

·         Siegward // 3 man vehicle crew


The retaking of our country continues. After two weeks long stalemate a new offensive is meant to break the Russian lines on the east of the country and liberate the civilian centres there.
We are expecting many civilians inside these centres and are therefore advising caution when entering the villages and towns during combat. Leaflets have been dropped to warn the civilians and offer a surrender to the opposing troops. Satellite imagery indicates that the Russians have no intention of surrendering and that civilians have sequestered in their homes. No un-uniformed individual could be seen.


Due to the anticipated civilian presence, we will only be able to use infantry on this assault to avoid unnecessary damage to buildings. German forces offered a tank hunter to help deal with enemy vehicles that may threaten the infantry.
A medical team will be trailing behind to aid in the treatment of wounded civilians and captured personnel.

Last point of importance is that the russians seem to anticipate our assault, There are attempts to Jam our communications, unsuccessfully so far, along with sabotage attempts by some type of black ops unit to destroy radar and SAM sites, some of which were successful.


o   Drones

o   Rhino MGS UP

o   Offroads (armed)

o   Zamaks

Friendly Forces:

-      LDF & NATO

-      Civilian Militia

Neutral/unconfirmed forces:

-      Civilian Militia

Enemy Forces:

-      Russia

-      ???


We have left the training area and are moving through civilian centres, expect civilians in nearly every building.


-Assault and take civilian centres in the eastern Nadbor region

-ensure civilian wellbeing and direct wounded to the medical teams on standby


Movement Plan:

At commander’s discretion

Rules of engagement:

At commander’s discretion

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