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Hey whats up. Im Valentine or Thomas im 23 and from the cold north that is Norway. I’ve been playing on AW servers on and off for about 3 years now and i really enjoy it.

I have to say AW Invade & Annex is the best server ive played on so far in Arma. Ive had my fair share of Altis Life, KOTH, etc but Invade&Annex really stuck with me. Anyways im not much of a writer so if you catch me in game come say hello. 



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Hello Valentine, welcome to Forums. There is lot of info and guides around here so have a look around if you haven't in the time you've been playing in the past. You can join us on Teamspeak too if you like. We also have a modded/enhanced server to check out. See you server side!

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