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[DCS] Pacific Confrontation pt2 final - 04/06/2022 @ 18:00 UTC


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Pacific Confrontation



Anatahan has successfully been retaken, unfortunately hard drives and other smaller pieces of technology were smuggled out on the surviving submarine, alongside the loss of technology the Tarawa was forced to return to port with heavy damage. Both sides have not engaged each other in the 24 hours since in hopes of a diplomatic resolution.


The dispute moves to its final phase, Chinese forces during the cease fire set up a base on the island, Pagan. The base is well defended, the Chinese carrier group out to the west has begun to move east. All signs point towards an attempt to great a corridor to the island from the west. 


ANZUS and Japanese forces move to expel the last of the Chinese forces from the Marianas and destroy the base before the corridor can be established.


The island is heavily defended by a SA10 site & Chinese destroyer. The air space is to heavily defended for our jets or helicopters to just waltz on in, as such the US carrier group will launch its full complement of cruise missiles at the island in order to drain the SAM and destroyer of its missiles allowing our flights to enter with a low threat level as long as the SAM's are still rearming.



Destroy all Chinese forces on and around the Pagan island.

Remember outside our exclusion zone is international waters/airspace.



ITS FREEreal estate



Server Details:

Name: [Ahoyworld.net] EU1 


Port: 10308 

Running on Open Beta


Password: see #dcs-world channel on discord




Port: 5002


Required Mod/Map:

Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

Install/setup guide: http://dcssimpleradio.com/gettingstarted/

Marianas: 32.82GB FREE


TS Address:

Brief will take place in Ready room on TeamSpeak prior to start up.



Player slots:

x1 US Navy F-14

x4 Australian F/A-18C

x4 US Navy F/A-18C

x2 US Airforce F-16

x2 JASDF F-16

x2 JASDF F-15


x2 New Zealand Gazelle (L&M) CSAR

x1 US Navy UH-1H CSAR

x1 US Army AH-64D

x1 Ka-50 (US army AH-64D)

x2 US Airforce A-10CII

x2 Su-25T

x1 Observer ATC/GCI


Respawn jets available.

- Airfield based jet respawns are located at bullseye.

- Slower jets are air started 10-30 nm away from WP 1

- Carrier based respawn jets are air started at bullseye.


optional: comment which slot you intend to take, this will help ensure enough of each slot is available.


If you want to use a jet not listed, comment the module and I will find a way to include it with the story. Module requests close on 03/06/2022


Targets & Threats


  • SAM
    • SA-10
    • Type 052C
  • Jets launched from the carrier group to the west



  • Do not fire unless fired upon outside of our borders.
  • Weapons free within our borders


Required weapon employments


Air to Air & Air to ground Weapons of choice.


Restricted Weapons


  • CBU 97
  • CBU 105


Command, Control & Communication

Overall command may be taken by anyone on the day.

Flight leaders will be selected on the day.

Radio Channels can be found below. (SRS is required to play this mission)




(Carrier details can be found on in game brief)


Flight plan 


(may be changed by command on the day)

WP1 at helicopter spawn

WP2 at Pagan Island

Due to location airfield based jets are air started to begin with above the carrier at point of take off. Once air started jets have dropped bombs, etc fly to bullseye and re-slot to respawn to rearm. 

Helicopters will start on gas platforms 15nm from pagan island, its advised to remain on the helipad until the air defences have been drained of missiles.



  • Carrier and helis will start up. Once started Airfield based jets will take their slots.
  • Before carrier jets and helicopters take off cruise missiles will be launched.
  • Flights will take off from Airfields or carriers and orbit until all flights have taken off then head for targets.



map pic in next 2 days


Required Skills:

  1. Carrier Take off & Landing (Helicopters, AV-8B, F-14 & F/A-18C)
  2. Radio usage (setting and switching channels)


Optional Skills:

  1. Air to Air Refuelling


Due to asset limitations Russian and German flagged vehicles are to be considered Chinese. 



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