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ArmA Reforger mission template **WIP**

Pvt. Zwerger

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Here is a basic Mission Template for ArmA Reforger that I created. It includes all the necessary prefabs and setting for a Reforger Coop online Mission.  
The US side is the playable faction and the USSR are the OPFOR faction. There is a small town that called Levie that i occupied by a small Opfor group with Patrol Waypoints that cycle.


Feel free to use this Mission template as a baseline for your own Mission. 


Several features will be added to the Mission with version updates. Those updates will be posted in the replies of this post.


For Questions: Just ask in the comments or contact me on Discord/TeamSpeak




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Update V.0.2.5


  • Added more prefabs for gameplay improvement (Better Sound, Better Weather Control, etc.)
  • Added sample Waypoints for A.I. mounting stationary guns (MG-Nest)
  • Added sample mapmakers  (currently bugged - marker size and font size currently not scalable)
  • Added sample Mission splash screen on mission start


  • A.I. is no longer zerg rushing the first contact they see
  • Edited prefabs that had the wrong flag skin

Not fully implemented:

  • Editable Squad names and prearranged radio frequencies

Known Bugs: 

  • Marker size and font size currently not scalable
  • MG-Nest currently spawns 2 LMG´s on top of each other (Known Game Issue) 


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Short overview for editing different components for your own Mission:




Change Kill Feed options:

- navigate to GameMode_Editor1 -> go to SCRNotificationSenderComponent under components -> Change kill Feed Type

Change playable Faction:

- go to the Faction Manager prefab (SCR_FactionManager) and tick the box Is playable for the Faction that you want to be as playable.

Edit Briefing Text:

- navigate to GameMode_Editor1 -> go to SCR_RespawnBreifingComponent under components -> Info: Change Description, changing name and not description will not change anything! -> Game Mode Hints -> Change Name, Description and Icon (Image).

Edit Spawn/Loadout selection Options:

- navigate to GameMode_Editor1 -> go to SCR_RespawnMenuHandelerComponent under components and select your options that you wish to have.

Change respawn time:

- navigate to GameMode_Editor1 -> go to SCR_RespawnTimerComponent and edit the respawn time in seconds






Change or Edit Spawn:

Navigate or place to/a corresponding Spawnpoint SpawnPoint_US or SpawnPoint_USSR -> Under Info Change Name and Description of Spawn Point -> Spawnpoint prefabs also has to have a Name (top right of prefab Window)


Change Squad Name:

Navigate to SCR_FactionManager -> Go to Factions -> Go to Callsign Info -> Change Company, Platoon and Squad Names. (Company, Platoon and Squad Names will be displayed in the Squad selection Menu. Leave the the name of Company and Platoon Empty to have only the Squad Names Displayed (Like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc.))




Change/Place or Edit Arsenal

- Navigate to ArsenalBox_US_1 (or place another just search for Arsenal in the resource window and choose the corresponding arsenal) -> Select SCR_ArsenalComponent under components list -> change values of available Items to your liking (Blacklisting Items will come with a later update)





Add more formations for the AI:

- go to SCR_AIWorld -> Unsorted -> Formation -> Click the + sign for more Formation slots -> Name the new Formation -> Offset: Change the X Y and Z Values to edit the Formation

Change loadout of Enemy A.I. or Players:

- go to SCR_LoadoutManager -> Loadout Manager -> + sign for adding Loadout slot -> Choose FactionPlayerLoadout -> Rename Loadout -> Loadout Recourse, Navigate to ArmaReforger, Prefabs, Characters, Blufor (or Opfor for USSR), US_Army and choose your loadout -> Loadout Image, Navigate to ArmaReforger, UI, Textures, EditorPreviews, Characters, BLUFOR (or Opfor for USSR), US_Army and choose the corresponding edds.-> Affiliated Faction enter US for US, USSR for USSR, FIA for FIA

Change the values of the GarbageManager:

- go to GarbageManager -> edit the lifetimes of Character, Vehicles or Items, for disabling just uncheck the corresponding box




Change the Fog:

- go to GenericWorldFogEntity -> under Fog change Height, Distance, Offset, Color and any other values

Change Weather:

- go to TimeAndWeatherManegerEntity -> change Time and or Weather (easier to change in Game with Zeus/Gamemaster


Mission Creation:


Place AI group:

! Important: SCR_AIWorld with working NavMesh and PerceptionManager have to be present in the world for AI to react to the World!

- go to ArmaReforger, Prefabs, Groups, Opfor (or Blufor or Indfor) and place a selected group on the Map. -> Edit the group to your liking with the different components (Name, Size, Skill, Loadout etc.)


Give waypoint to AI:

- Select the AI -> under SCR_AIGroup go to Group Waypoints and give name of the waypoint under Static Waypoint (Spawned Waypoint is for waypoints that spawn when a trigger is activated) (add multiple waypoint with the +)

- place a waypoint (ArmaReforger, Prefabs, AI, Waypoints) -> name the waypoint corresponding to the waypoint name that you gave the AI (change waypoint options to your liking (activation size, AI behavior, etc.)


Give AI a patrol rout that they repeat:

- Select the AI -> under SCR_AIGroup go to Group Waypoints and give the name of the cycle waypoint (WPC1) under Static Waypoint (Spawned Waypoint is for waypoints that spawn when a trigger is activated)

- place multiple waypoints that the AI has to pass and name them (example: WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4)

- place a cycle waypoint and under the point Cycle Waypoints add the waypoints that we added in the step before (WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4) use the + button for more waypoint spaces -> Name the cycle waypoint (WPC1 -> same name that we gave the AI group for its waypoint)

- edit the rerun counter to your liking (-1 is unlimited) and box autocomplete


Order AI to mount static weapons

- select the AI -> under SCR_AIGroup go to Group Waypoints and give name of the getin waypoint (GETMG1) under Static Waypoint (Spawned Waypoint is for waypoints that spawn when a trigger is activated)

- place static weapon and give the weapon a name (! Important: give the weapon itself a name not the whole prefab if you placed a bunker prefab with a weapon already mounted -> for that click the weapon itself and not the whole bunker) in this example the weapon is called "MG1"

- create a getin waypoint (AIWaypoint_GetIn.et) on or near the static weapon (the weapon has to be with in the blue area of the waypoint) -> under Entity Name give the name of the static weapon "MG1" -> set Completion Type to any and select Is Priority -> lastly name the Waypoint GETMG1 (same as the given name to the AI)


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Update V0.3.0


-- added new SL and TL roles and corresponding loadouts

-- editable squad names are now implemented

-- opened the possibility of adding new BLUFOR and OPFOR roles and loadouts

-- changed role name of BLUFOR roles as a demonstration
-- changed the killfeed to not be shown

-- removed the mapmarker due to better solution through mods -> planed integration into the template on a later date


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