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The Big Decision-Making Meeting of Members


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I'm on holiday from today (22/06/2012) 'til next Saturday (30/06/2012) and will probably be back online on the Sunday (01/07/2012). Posting that here 'cause there are a few things that I'd like to get sorted! This sounds like work (and it is) but if we can clear this up in one big "meeting" then we can start on a lot of things.

The plan is to have this "meeting" in the Private Chat room on TeamSpeak on Sunday 1st July at 16:00 GMT. This isn't a secret; Private Chat just helps us stay on topic. If you want to be involved in the meeting please express your interest below or let me or any of the staff know on TeamSpeak before it starts. You can openly discuss this with any and all members and are encouraged to do so. Listen to what people's opinions are and share them with the rest of the community. This is about listening to the community and all pitching in on what we think is best.

Here are a few bullet points - it'd be great if you could think about them, share them with those who are interested and get ready to shout points at me in the meeting.

  • Minecraft
    • Criteria for (Consider time requirement? Clean record? Activity?):
      • Creators
      • Architects
      • Staff

      [*]VIP Privileges


      • Full access to all materials on Creative world?
      • Application / Approval Process?
        • Must they supply a form?
        • Is lore required?
        • Will the project be built before being approved?
        • Build in Creative world and move to RP world?


    • Hub
      • Is it used / needed at all? (If not, do we need anything of the sort?)
      • File Sharing - Do we just need this functionality?
      • What could we use it for? (Building Applications?)
      • Won't users simply be more comfortable using the forums?
      • It's unclear what it is for from both the staff and user point of view


      • Minecraft only?
      • How will it be managed? Have specific ranks for those who can create pages?
      • Who can edit pages?
      • What do we need it for?


      • Is there anything wrong with them?
      • What can be improved / added?
      • Is there anything missing you feel is vital?

      [*]Introduction of New Systems

      • Downloads? (Wallpapers, soundtracks, podcasts etc)
      • Podcasts (How will we integrate these into the site?)
      • Video (Is it best keeping our presence on YouTube?)

    [*]Dedicated Server

    • Is it viable?
    • What will immediately run on it?
      • TeamSpeak 3
      • Minecraft
      • ArmA II / III

      [*]Who will run it?


      • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 R2
      • Ubuntu Linux

      [*]Is it worth purchasing now or later?

      [*]Can we sustain it with donations?


    • What should we aim to achieve?
    • What are we doing well right now?
    • What are we doing really (really (really)) shitly?
    • Is there anything we're not doing you feel we should be doing?
      • Social Media
      • Activity
      • Video

You are free and encouraged to add to this list items which you think are relevant, though they will be discussed after all of the above.

Remember, the meeting is in the Private Chat room on TeamSpeak on Sunday 1st July at 16:00 GMT!

See you all in a week.

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It is extremely likely that I shall still be at work at this time :( Usually get home around 18:00 on a sunday... Would be regretful to miss though, especially given my recent absence due to computery reasons - am somewhat out of touch & havn't been able to spread my influence like a disease lately...

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Wi-Fi spots are few and far between here so excuse any delay in responses.

George! Write that down and bring it up in the meeting! :)

Seems a lot of people can't make it in the afternoon. It could be moved to 19:30 / 20:00 if that'd be preferable? Let me know.

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