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My next campaign


The next campaign  

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  1. 1. Which would you like to play?

    • Caucasus - World vs New USSR
    • Marianas - ANZUS & Japan vs China

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So with Georgian Intervention coming to an end and we (I at least) have learned a lot when it comes to unit balancing, what works for us and most importantly had fun I think.


I have a couple ideas of what I want to make next and would like to know what you guys would like to go with. Feel free to read the options first or just vote, up to you.

The options


Non-specific number of Caucasus missions. "Return of the USSR" (World vs New USSR)

  • Personalised airframes for players (for example a UK jet of choice for me (fictional or really used), for you which ever country and module you would like)
  • Mix of carrier & airfield operations


3 part pacific campaign on Marianas (ANZUS & Japan vs China)

  • Focus on Carrier and shipping operations
  • The map does not have much real estate as far as land goes so making a prolonged campaign involving ground pounding would not be ideal.
  • FPS in multiplayer can be low.


Paid map campaign (Persian gulf, Syria or Falklands *when that's out*)

  • For now I am sticking with free maps so this is not a poll option. But later on I would definitely like to go over to another map, perhaps only a 1 or 2 part mission so free trials can be used rather than the purchase of the maps or running every other week in tandem with a free map e.g. World vs USSR one week followed by Falkland's the next, repeat.
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