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Georgian Intervention pt.4 [FINAL] - DCS gamenight 14/05/2022 @ 18:30 UTC


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Georgian Intervention pt.4 [FINAL]




After 20 days of almost purely air combat the focus has turned to the ground. American and Georgian ground forces have amassed to face the Russian ground forces at Krymsk, Its shaping up to be a hell of a fight.


Our ground forces are outnumbered and counting on CAS taking off from Gelendzhik to help them win this battle. Unfortunately for us the weather is terrible, cloudy and raining with a base of 9000ft. Our side wont be the only ones with CAS in the air.


While the carrier group would send their jets to assist, a giant bomber formation is barrelling south directly towards the carrier group. All available carrier jets have been sent to intercept.


Provide CAS for the ground forces at Krymsk and protect the carrier group.

Server Details:

Name: [Ahoyworld.net] EU1 


Port: 10308 

Running on Open Beta


Password: see #dcs-world channel on discord




Port: 5002


Required Mods:

Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

Install/setup guide: http://dcssimpleradio.com/gettingstarted/


TS Address:

Brief will take place in Ready room on TeamSpeak prior to start up.



Player slots:

x4 Frogfoot - SEAD/Strike

x2 AV-8B - Strike

x2 A-10CII - Strike

x4 F-14B - CAP (x2 free carrier, x2 SC)

x2 F-15 - CAP 

x4 F-16 - SEAD/Strike/CAP

x8 F/A-18C - CAP/Strike (x4 free carrier, x4 SC)

x1 AJS37 - Strike 

x2 M-2000C - Strike/CAP

x2 JF-17 (pretend F-16) - Strike/SEAD/CAP 

x4 AH-64D - Strike 

x1 Ka-50 - Strike 

x1 SA342M - Strike 

x1 SA342Mistral - CSAR/Escort

x1 Mi-24P - CSAR/Strike 

x1 SA342L - CSAR 

x1 Mi-8 - CSAR 

x1 UH-1H - CSAR 

x1 Observer - GCI/ATC Callsign: Magic

x1 Tactical CMDR


optional: comment which slot you intend to take, this will help ensure enough of each slot is available.


If you want to use a jet not listed, comment the module and I will find a way to include it with the story. Module requests close on 12/05/2022


Respawn slots not to be used unless you have passed WP2 and died.


Targets and Threats


Primary Targets:

CAS targets provided by JTAC's

Incoming bombers


Secondary Targets:

Anything hostile


Known Threats:


Antishipping bombers

Various Russian CAS assets


A reaper drone was sent out to recon the battlefield at night, as soon as EWR detected it the sky was filled with flak, expect the same during the fight.




Required weapon employments


F-15: AA weapons of choice

F-16: AG weapons of choice, AGM 88C & AA weapons of choice

F/A-18: AA weapons of choice & AG weapons of choice

Su-25T: Kh-25MPU or Kh-58U & AG weapons of choice 

F-14: AA weapons of choice

AV-8B: AG weapons of choice 

A-10CII: AG weapons of choice

M-2000C: AG weapons of choice & AG weapons of choice

AJS37: AG weapons of choice

JF-17: AG weapons of choice & AA weapons of choice

Helicopters: AG weapons of choice


Restricted Weapons


  • CBU 97
  • CBU 105 restricted to x2 single pylons
  • GBU-6 SFW


Command, Control & Communication

Overall command may be taken by anyone on the day.

Flight leaders will be selected on the day.

Radio Channels can be found below. (SRS is required to play this mission)




(Carrier details can be found on in game brief)


Flight plan 


(may be changed by command on the day)


  • Flights will take off and orbit their airfield until all flights are up
  • The F-14's & F/A-18s will head to CWP 1, and intercept the bombers.
  • Airfield based aircraft will head to the battlefield at waypoint 3 and provide CAS returning to airfield or FARP (WP2) for rapid rearms then re-join the fight. (this will be an intense fight with very short travel times, respawn jets will be hot start on runway to enable custom loadouts on respawn)
  • Once carrier jets have completed their task they will return to either carrier or airfield for rearm and join the CAS effort. (carrier respawn jets will be bases at Gelendzhik, the bomber intercept mission is a one life deal.)
  • Upon the capture of Krymsk or defeat of our ground forces flights will RTB.





Required Skills:

  1. Airfield Take off & landing
  2. Carrier Take off & Landing (F-14, F/A-18, AV-8B & helicopters)
  3. Radio usage (setting and switching channels)


Optional Skills:

  1. Air to Air Refuelling
  2. Cruise missile intercept


This may be the end of the first campaign but it is just the beginning of many more hopefully. Thank you to all who have played and continue to play, its been awesome. I look forward to the next.


I will put out a post in DCS subsection regarding my next campaign.

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