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Baltic Dawn - Beheading the Bear 12/05/2022


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Mission Name:

Baltic Dawn – Beheading the Bear

Server Details:


Port: 2302

Mods required:

AWE Baltic Dawn compat.htmlAWE Baltic Dawn.html

TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length

Player Slots: 22


·         Falcon // 2-man Platoon element

·         Wolf, Hound, Fox, Lynx// 4-man special forces teams

·         Owl, Nightjar // 2-man sniper teams


Full situation report

The invasion of Livonia is slowly grinding to a halt in other sectors of the country. Despite this the Russian momentum in the Nadbor region is still firm. It is expected that if this persists the entire region will be under Russian control within 2 weeks. On the advice of NATO intelligence LDF Command has concluded that the Nadbor region must be held. NATO is finally sending troops. Specifically, to aid in the retaking of the Nadbor Region. It will take time to get these troops over here though, so it is crucial that the Russian momentum is halted.
 Russian troops in other regions are not as organised and effective as they are in the Nadbor region.  Corruption in leadership has led to troops being ill equipped, poorly organised, and generally ineffective in strategy. NATO intelligence suggest that the exception to this reality, General Vladislav Brev, oversees the Nadbor front. Explaining why the Russians have been more effective in this region. If Brev was removed from command, it is likely the current momentum will halt, and a counteroffensive can begin.

LDF is deploying special forces and sniper teams to find and kill the general. Additionally, the special forces should make use of this opportunity to gather intel on enemy plans and disrupt enemy activity by destroying, or otherwise dealing with, points of interest.

Special forces will paradrop into enemy territory by HALO drop.

Sniper teams will already start in enemy territory performing recon on enemy positions as the server opens.

Falcon Platoon Leader can call in airstrikes and IDF.



o   Drones

o   2x A-149 Orzel (Called in via Zeus)

o   4x Sholef Self-propelled guns (Called in via Zeus)


Friendly Forces:

-      LDF & NATO

-      Civilian Militia

Neutral/unconfirmed forces:

-      Civilian Militia

Enemy Forces:

-      Russia


We are currently within the training perimeter. There will be no civilians inside this area.


-Find and kill General Vladislav Brev

-Gather intel on enemy plans

-deal with points of interest


Sniper teams

-perform recon

-Find suitable LZ for paratroopers.

- gather intel on the location of the general and enemy plans and other points of interest.

-Take out the general if an opportune moment arises.

Special Forces teams

- insert by paradrop via helicopter on LZ’s designated by sniper teams.

-secure enemy intel.

-deal with points of interest.

-Breach and clear compounds where the general may be hiding.

Movement Plan:

At commander’s discretion

Rules of engagement:

At commander’s discretion

Vladislav Brev


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