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Georgian Intervention pt.3 - DCS gamenight 07/05/2022 @ 18:30 UTC


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Georgian Intervention pt.3



All strikes along the coast were successful and a US carrier group has safely entered the Black sea.


Sochi-Adler was hit hard by cruise missile strikes, Russian forces withdrew allowing Georgian forces to push and take the airfield allowing our ground based jets to operate closer to the objective. 


The majority of Russia's high readiness jets have been destroyed leaving a low number of poorly armed & older jets to fight. With active anti shipping missiles destroyed the Russian reserves are being shipped into Gelendzhik through a known shipping route. This is a major threat to the carrier group, they can not be allowed to make landfall. 


F-14's & F/A-18's will head for the ships while helicopters will launch from the Tarawa and with support from ground based jets head to the port and destroy the infrastructure that would allow the offloading of these lethal weapons.


Destroy Russian supply ships and port infrastructure.


Server Details:

Name: [Ahoyworld.net] EU1 


Port: 10308 

Running on Open Beta


Password: see #dcs-world channel on discord




Port: 5002


Required Mods:

Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

Install/setup guide: http://dcssimpleradio.com/gettingstarted/


TS Address:

Brief will take place in Ready room on TeamSpeak prior to start up.



Player slots:

x4 Frogfoot - SEAD/Strike

x2 AV-8B - Strike

x2 A-10CII - Strike

x4 F-14B - CAP (x2 free carrier, x2 SC)

x2 F-15 - CAP 

x4 F-16 - SEAD/Strike/CAP

x8 F/A-18C - CAP/Strike (x4 free carrier, x4 SC)

x1 AJS37 - Strike 

x2 M-2000C - Strike/CAP

x2 JF-17 (pretend F-16) - Strike/SEAD/CAP 

x4 AH-64D - Strike 

x1 Ka-50 - Strike 

x1 SA342M - Strike 

x1 SA342Mistral - CSAR/Escort

x1 Mi-24P - CSAR/Strike 

x1 SA342L - CSAR 

x1 Mi-8 - CSAR 

x1 UH-1H - CSAR 

x1 Observer - GCI/ATC Callsign: Magic


optional: comment which slot you intend to take, this will help ensure enough of each slot is available.


If you want to use a jet not listed, comment the module and I will find a way to include it with the story. Module requests close on 05/05/2022


Respawn slots available at WP2 (not to be used unless you have passed WP2 and died)


Targets and Threats


Primary Targets:

Supply Ships

Port infrastructure 


Secondary Targets:

Any Russian ships in port


Known Threats:


Various Russian CAP assets


A supportive fisherman has sent us this photo.




Required weapon employments


F-15: AA weapons of choice

F-16: AG weapons of choice, AGM 88C & AA weapons of choice

F/A-18: AA weapons of choice & AG weapons of choice

Su-25T: Kh-25MPU or Kh-58U & AG weapons of choice 

F-14: AA weapons of choice

AV-8B: AG weapons of choice 

A-10CII: AG weapons of choice

M-2000C: AG weapons of choice & AG weapons of choice

AJS37: AG weapons of choice

JF-17: AG weapons of choice & AA weapons of choice

Helicopters: AG weapons of choice


Restricted Weapons


  • CBU 97
  • CBU 105
  • GBU-6 SFW
  • AIM-54 x4


Command, Control & Communication

Overall command may be taken by anyone on the day.

Flight leaders will be selected on the day.

Radio Channels can be found below. (SRS is required to play this mission)




(Carrier details can be found on in game brief)


Flight plan 


(may be changed by command on the day)


  • Flights will take off and orbit their airfield until all flights are up
  • The F-14's & F/A-18s will head to CWP 1, search and destroy the supply ships.
  • Tarawa & airfield based aircraft will head to the port and engage the facility's. 
  • Once carrier jets have destroyed the supply ships they will return and land on the carriers (if done in a timely manner, rearm and assist the port strike)
  • Upon completions of strikes all flights will return to home carrier/airfield.





Required Skills:

  1. Airfield Take off & landing
  2. Carrier Take off & Landing (F-14, F/A-18, AV-8B & helicopters)
  3. Radio usage (setting and switching channels)


Optional Skills:

  1. Air to Air Refuelling
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