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Scion Conflict - Sunday 15/05/2022 @ 1800 UTC (Postponed until 15/5)


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  Scion Conflict







The year is 2269, it's been 2 years since the Scion Conflict started. Panthera has been a strategic target for both sides, both for it's strategic location, but also for it's lushful nature. It's a self supplient piece of land, which makes reactor-battery powered warbots easy to operate, thus saving human lives.

However, the Scion Empire has been some sneaky buggers and payed a small group of insurgents to target our key infrastructures. Operational command has are sending watchdogs out left and right in order to secure the locations, however it has proven underwhelming. Our sentinel platoon is being dispatched. We need to resecure key charging ports for our warbots to operate. Meet with the commander-in-chief of Panthera and acquire the latest intelligence.


Friendly Forces

Sentinel Teams, Airborne, Special Operations

- x1 Three-man command element

- x3 Six-man teams

- x2 Two-man rotary team


Enemy Forces

Scion Empire, Combined, Conventional

Insurgents, Motorized, Guerilla



Talk to the Commander-in-Chief of Panthera.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overlord". Operational command falls on "Dash 2 Actual". 

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  • MidnightRunner changed the title to Scion Conflict - Sunday 15/05/2022 @ 1800 UTC (Postponed until 15/5)

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