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Better documentation of I&A on EU1

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I may be mistaken so correct me if I am wrong but there isn't any place to go neither on forums or in-game where you can see what has been added or taken out with recent updates to EU1 I&A. I have been playing on EU1 now for a little under a year and there is stuff I have no clue on how to do just because there is no up-to-date guides explaining what is actually in the server. The best thing I have found is the changelogs which show a brief description but nothing too useful for new people.


I think the community would benefit from up-to-date guides being made along with release notes for updates detailing what has been added, removed or changed. If there is nobody willing to do this I am willing to volunteer and do it (provided I get the information from the people who are updating the server) so others joining can have a better faster experience and learn the server easier.


Let me know what you guys think about this. Am I mistaken and just looked in the wrong places or do you think it's a good idea? I think it's worth pushing toward an easier to access and learn server so it opens the possibility for marketing to newcomers. From my experience when I first joined I didn't really understand how to do anything or how anything worked and it just took some time before I learned each element of the server as I played and figured it out myself.


I like this community and server and I'd like to help out in making it better and more popular than it already is but I will go more into detail about that in my official introduction post.



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