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Apocalypse - Sunday 01/05/2022 @ 1800 UTC


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The world has fallen to havoc. Since the chemical spill that turned your average human into a flesh eating monster was leaked, the virus has been spreading with each attack.

Operation Apocalypse were iniated by every world leader in a combined attempt to isolate the cases to specific areas. So far it has worked. Our task force has been tasked with keeping an eye on Malden. Malden is a nut job's favorite holiday, since the laws only apply to people that are alive. One such nut job is a biologist who specializes in virologi. This guy is in a search for a formula to stop the violent rampancy, whether it cures the person or just sterlizes them doesn't matter. For this, he has proven favorable to us. However, he has hit a roadblock and need our help. We're moving in.


Friendly Forces

Specialized Apocalypse Teams, combined, conventional

- x1 Two-man command element

- x4 Five-man teams

- x1 Two-man rotary team


Enemy Forces

Everything not alive.



Talk to the virologist and find out what kind of help he needs.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overlord". Operational command falls on "Kingpin". 

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