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I just want to introduce myself.

I´m Martin 45 Years old and interested in Flight and Combat Simulations like IL-2, DCS (just started), Squad  and a couple of other Games.

I prefer playing Support Roles like Pilot, Medic, AT or Vehicle Stuff. My Nickname was born a while ago (25 years) during a Lan Session playing Combat Flight Simulator flying a P-40 while smoking a Cigar it remindet someone in the Room on The Movie "1941" where John Belushi played the Pilot Wild Bill Kelso.


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Hi Wild Bill, welcome to Ahoy. We have plenty of support roles across I&A3, Frontlines and AWE gamenights too for you to check out. Catch us on TS or check out our Discord, you can use the link on the home page here. Hope to catch you server side!

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Welcome to Ahoy!


As Damo said do check out the discord, We mainly play ArmA 3 (both persistent missions and organed gamenights), where there's plenty of support roles available, and there is a number of us that play squad too. For DCS, we've also recently opened a server running Escalating Terror (a custom gamemode from our very own LH5), and we've started running gamenights too, with the next one this Saturday, the 30th (don't wory about being new, lots of us are!). Any questions feel free to ask, or jump on discord and teamspeak and we'll do our best to help out!  

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