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Baltic Dawn – Baltic Guerrillas 28/04/2022


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Mission Name:

Baltic Dawn – Baltic Guerrillas

Server Details:


Port: 2302

Mods required:

AWE Baltic Dawn compat.htmlAWE Baltic Dawn.html

TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length

Player Slots: 30

Civilian Militia

·         Central // 4-man Platoon element

·         Alpha, Bravo, Charlie // 6-man fireteam element

·         Wolf, Hound // 4-man special forces attaché



Full situation report

The invasion has been progressing for the better part of a week now. Despite a fierce defence and high Russian casualties, the LDF has been pushed back at every turn. However, it is clear that the Russians did not expect to meet the resistance that they did.

The town of Topolin was abandoned by LDF forces before the fighting and artillery barrage would intensify inside the town. Now the town is in Russian hands and is becoming a supply point for Russian Equipment and reinforcements. It’s imperative that the nearby railway and bridges are destroyed to prevent the enemy from setting up a firm foothold inside the town. Topolin civilians have begun meeting in secret to plan a sabotage operation. They intend to blow up the two bridges that lead into town and the train track that leads further into the country.

The civil militia will rendezvous with a team of LDF special forces. They are sent to the town to destroy sensitive data inside Topolin HQ that was left behind during the evacuation. The two groups must cooperate to achieve all objectives.



Central, Alpha, Bravo & Wolf must be filled before Hound slots can be taken.
Out of the guerrillas only group leaders have access to a radio.

Both bridges do not have a damage model, placing a charge at each pillar and detonating them will be sufficient to treat the bridge as destroyed.
The railroad similarly has no damage model for destruction. Placing a single charge at your desired location will be sufficient to destroy it.


o   Offroad (Covered/ UP/HMG/AT)

o   Demining Drone

Friendly Forces:

-      LDF & NATO

-      Civilian Militia

Neutral/unconfirmed forces:

-      Civilian Militia

Enemy Forces:

-      Russia


Topolin is for the most part still occupied by civilians. The population is far lower compared to normally.


-Blow up the two Topolin bridges

-Destroy the railway leading east out of town

-Destroy sensitive data inside the Topolin HQ building


At commander’s discretion

Movement Plan:

At commander’s discretion

Rules of engagement:

At commander’s discretion


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