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[DCS] Rules & Guidelines for the creation & submission of DCS gamenights


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Rules & Guidelines for the creation & submission of DCS gamenights.


  • = Rule
    • = Guideline


Submission of mission/campaign


  • Submit your mission via the gamenight request form at least 2 weeks in advance of desired date.
    • Include if SRS will be required by players, skin packs or mods within mods required section
    • If a mod that requires files server side is included please allow up to two weeks extra time for server setup. (4 weeks in advance total)
  • A test mission file must be ready to go with your submission.
    • This is so we can ensure the server likes your setup e.g map, scripts or any additional mods before we get close to event.
  • Mission must be complete and sent 1 week before event.
    • I recommend loading your mission in SP, using time acceleration and an invincible jet/heli to test run your mission before sending it. 
  • Final Mission file must be handed over by at most 3 days before event date.
    • This is so module requests on event post can happen.
    • Add a closing date for module request on your event post that follows this rule.




  • Gamenight dates & times can overlap with arma gamenights.
    • Be prepared for potential low player counts if desired date has an Arma GN at the same time.
    • You will be informed if an overlap is happing so if desired you may request another date/time.
  • You may submit for any day or time.
    • Be aware of days players are free, see this post for guidance. 


Mission rules & guidelines


The following will be adjusted based on feedback.

  • The Su-25T must always be included.
  • Best efforts must be made to include modules owned by players. 
    • If a module is requested that is not operated by the faction we are playing, add it as a stand in for something not in DCS, adjust it to or bring another faction into the fight that does.
    • DLC maps are not forbidden, keep in mind the number of people who own the terrain when thinking about making the mission.
  • Ensure enough of desired modules are available.
    • Pre place what you think is enough and place a optional poll on your event post asking what people will take.





Looking for the Arma gamenight rules and guidelines post click here

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