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Vietnam #7 - SUNDAY 17/04/2022 @ 1800 UTC


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 A Field Day in Vietnam






The NVA was able to beat us to the crash site. Despite our best efforts, we weren't able to locate or retrieve the fourth crewmember. Recent surveillance footage shows the VC gearing up for something heavy. A helicopter also landed nearby, indicating a close relationship with NVA. While not unheard of, this seems be on a greater scale. One RT unit isn't gonna cut it. We're sending a full platoon.


Friendly Forces

MACV-SOG, Special Task Force, Combined

- x1 Three-man Command Unit

- x3 Six-man Strike Teams

- x2 Two-man Aviation crews

US Army, Conventional, Combined

AVRN, Conventional, Combined


Enemy Forces

PAVN, Conventional, Combined

VC, Guerillas



Locate and spike VC ammo crates. Locate and rescue helicopter pilot.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overlord". Operational command falls on "Washington". 




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