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Georgian Intervention pt.1 - DCS gamenight 23/04/2022 @ 18:00 UTC


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Georgian Intervention pt.1




Over the past 3 months tensions between Russia and Georgia have reignited. A series of attacks of unknown origin took place on the Russia Georgian border. 

Shortly after a build up of Russian aircraft was detected along the border region and intercepted Russian communications revealed a plan to attack so called “terrorist strongholds” in Georgia. 


The United States of America decided to send a squadron of various aircraft to assist Georgian forces in the defence of their airspace. The American squadron is stationed at Kutaisi with a squadron of Georgian Frogfoots.   


On the 19th of May the Russian air force conducted strikes on targets within Georgia. Due to the American presence at Kutaisi steps were made to ensure the security of forces while on the ground and a Patriot system was set up. 2 of 6 Su-34’s detected in Georgian airspace were shot down.


A swift response is needed and a plan has been drawn up to strike the forces responsible for the attack. On the morning of the 21st a joint strike force will take off from Kutaisi and conduct a precision strike on Nalchik, a Russian airfield that's being used as a staging ground for incursions into Georgian airspace.



Destroy the Su-34’s that took part in the attacks on the 19th with as little collateral damage as possible.


Server Details:

Name: [Ahoyworld.net] EU1 


Port: 10308 

Running on Open Beta


Password: see #dcs-world channel on discord




Port: 5002


Required Mods:

Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

Install/setup guide: http://dcssimpleradio.com/gettingstarted/


TS Address:

Brief will take place in Ready room on TeamSpeak prior to start up.



Player slots:

x8 Frogfoot - SEAD/Strike Callsign: Shotgun

x2 AV-8B - Strike Callsign: Slingshot

x2 A-10CII - Strike Callsign: Warthog

x2 F-14B - CAP Callsign: Phoenix

x2 F-15 - CAP Callsign: Eagle

x4 F-16 - SEAD/Strike/CAP Callsign: Showdown

x4 F/A-18C - CAP/Strike Callsign: Freefall

x1 AJS37 - Strike Callsign: Lawndart

x1 SA342L - CSAR Callsign: n/a

x1 Mi-8 - CSAR Callsign: n/a

x1 UH-1H - CSAR Callsign: n/a

x1 Observer - GCI/ATC Callsign: Magic


optional: use the poll to show which slot you intend to take, this will help ensure enough of each slot is available. (CSAR not included)


If you do not own a jet listed (excluding frogfoot) and wish to use it, comment the module and I will find a way to include it with the story. (CSAR slots will remain as is) Module requests close on 21/04/2022


Respawn slots available at WP3 (not to be used unless you have passed WP3 and died)


Targets and Threats


Primary Targets:

x4 Su-34 


Secondary Targets:

Fuel and Ammo depots



Known Threats:


Various Russian CAP assets


An intelligence officer placed in Nalchik in the months leading up to the Russian strike reported the Su-34’s point of origin as Nalchik airbase. The officer was able to use a drone to capture this image on the return of the jets.





Primary target: Red

Secondary: orange

SAM site: yellow, best guess from analysts is an SA-11 site.

Various ground forces can be seen in the area.


Required weapon employments


F-15: AA weapons of choice

F-16: AG weapons of choice, AGM 88C & AA weapons of choice

F/A-18: AA weapons of choice & AG weapons of choice

Su-25T: Kh-25MPU or Kh-58U & AG weapons of choice 

F-14: AA weapons of choice

AV-8B: AG weapons of choice 

A-10CII: AG weapons of choice


Restricted Weapons


  • CBU 97
  • CBU 105
  • SLAM
  • AIM-54 x4
  • CSAR heli rocket pods


Command, Control & Communication

Overall command will lay with me (LH5) for the first mission.

Flight leaders will be selected on the day.

Radio Channels can be found below. (SRS is required to play this mission)





Flight plan 


We will be keeping to a flight area on a pre planned route. You may leave this area when in combat with air or ground forces, with a swift return to the area once combat is complete.


(The following is subject to change based on threats we encounter)


  • Take off and fly to Waypoint 2 in as close a formation as we can safely manage.
  • From Waypoint 2 CAP flights will separate from the strike package and take the lead as we cross the Russian border.
  • Once at Waypoint 3 the Strike package will hold in an orbit while SEAD flights push to Waypoint 4 and disable enemy SAM site(s) Once SEAD mission is complete SEAD flights will return to Waypoint 3 and hold in an orbit.
  • With SAM threats neutralised the Strike package will commence its run as SEAD flights return to waypoint 3. 
  • Once all strikes are complete all forces will regroup at waypoint 3 and return to base (Waypoint 1) in formation.
  • CSAR will operate from a temporary FARP recovering any pilot that is shot down or crashes.





Required Skills:

  1. Airfield Take off & landing
  2. Radio usage (setting and switching channels)



An attempt at a Tacview debrief will take place after the GN.



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22 minutes ago, Pvt. Zwerger said:

Do we know the weather forecast for that day. Thinking about using a targeting pod or somehow getting direct coordinates for the ground targets for the GUB`s



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1 hour ago, Toasted_Bread_Slice said:

Could the Swedish not lend us a viggen for my birthday.

I don't think anything needs restricting, BK-90s which are the only OP weapons require precise targeting to be effective and the viggen can't take more that one type of munition


In this timeline the Georgian air force happens to own a few Viggens, 1 is known to be stationed at Kutaisi.

*no weapon restriction on it unless there is something that can be fired well beyond visual range or is a WMD like the 105 I should know about*

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Strike aftermath







For those who were not at debrief.


For the next mission based on how this went.


- Enemy CAP numbers reduced

- Tor sites removed

- (sa-11 is not in next but, Sa-11 has been shelved for future GN's)

- Common freq will be changed to 136

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