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Baltic Dawn – One step forward, two steps back 14/04/2022


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Mission Name:

Baltic Dawn – One step forward, two steps back

Server Details:


Port: 2302

Mods required:

AWE Baltic Dawn.html

TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length

Player Slots: 33


·         Falcon // 3-man Platoon element

·         Wolf, Fox, Lynx// 6-man fireteam element

·         Elk // 3-man HMG team

·         Hedgehog // 3-man Mortar team

·         Bear // 3-man APC crew

·         Squirrel // 2-man Nyx crew



Full situation report

While we were able to hold the airfield for the first two days of the invasion, we’ve reached a point where our supply line is too stretched, and the enemy pressure is too great. The Airfield and nearby Bielawa depot are therefore being evacuated.

During this evacuation Bielawa deopt was attacked and taken. The depot is home to an armoured division and critical defence supplies.
Due to the assault a recon team has now found itself stuck at Branzów Castle. They managed to report in that they are fine but need help with extraction. They also managed to inform us that most of the Bielawa Garrison is alive and imprisoned.

We will be sending your platoon to resecure the Bielawa Depot and regroup with team Hound. Rescue whatever men and equipment you can before abandoning the facility.

Once you have completed these tasks you are to act as rear guard at Gliniska while the last elements leave the airfield and cross the river. Anything secured from Bielawa depot can then be used to defend the village and bridge.


o   Pandur II APC

o   Nyx (at)

o   Offroad (covered/HMG)

o   Zamak (transport, repair, refuel, ammo)

o   Drones

o   Bielawa equipment

Friendly Forces:


Neutral/unconfirmed forces:

-      Civilian Militia

Enemy Forces:

-      Russia


We will be performing the training exercise inside the depopulated training zone.  While no civilians live there, certain sections are open to the public.


-Retrieve men and equipment from bielawa Depot.

-Rescue the recon element at Branzów Castle

-Reinforce Gliniska bridge once above objectives are complete


At commander’s discretion

Movement Plan:

At commander’s discretion

Rules of engagement:

At commander’s discretion


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