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Couple of bugs

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Every Dev's favourite topic \o/


  1.   I noticed the supply crate scripts have been changed at some point, such that landing on the passenger pad at guardian allows you to load a supply crate into your heli, but this does not apply to the Xi'an. The Xi'an has to fly all the way back to the vehicle lift pad at main base, to speak with the guy there, to load the crate.
  2.   I don't know if Bohemia's reduced the engine power of the Xi'an (feel's like it) but a field repair, didn't give enough points to the engine to be able to get it airborne again, would have had to drive it home on the ground.
  3.   I think Tactical said he'd log it in spartan chat, but just in case it gets missed...
      Greyhawks were frequently spawning with their AI crew outside of them today - either both crew members outside it, meaning it couldn't be controlled at all, or the driver spawning outside meaning you can control the gun, but not fly it.
  4. Rearm script went wonky, would allow me to re-arm the UCAV, but not one of the greyhawks (was one of the 2 standard spawn ones that wasn't working, engine off, tried multiple alignments on the pad to ensure I was considered centred - no call for re-arm option appearing) Same pad worked fine for the UCAV 2 mins later)
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