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Vietnam #6 - SUNDAY 10/04/2022 @ 1800 UTC


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 Kidnapping in Vietnam






A small reconnaissance platoon has been tasked with trapping the area, making sure no G.I. Joe passes through. However, on the fifth day in the field, a low flying helicopter scraping the treetops, armed to the teeth, was shot down right as it passed overhead. The G.I. Joe goes a long way to keep their pilots from talking, which is why we’re changing our mission directives.


Friendly Forces

PAVN, Conventional, Combined

x4 Six-man recon teams

VC, Guerillas


Enemy Forces

US Army, Conventional, Combined

AVRN, Conventional, Combined



Find and capture any surviving crew of the crash


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overlord". Operational command falls on "Team 1". 

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