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Romans of AhoyWorld - The Long Road to Victory 09/04/2022 @ 18:00 UTC


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Romans of AhoyWorld - The Long Road to Victory





Julius Agricola has started his campaign to take Caledonia. We are a but a small cog in the mighty Roman war machine.

We are to head south from our landing site and face the Caledonians in a direct decisive battle in the marsh lands, they have more numbers but we have the superior tactics and equipment.


We sent a scouting party ahead of our arrival, we received a messenger pigeon from them 8 months ago requesting urgent assistance near a castle on the route South. No further pigeons have been received.



Head south to the marsh lands and crush the enemy, deal with any encounters on route.


Server details:


Port: 2302


Server opens 17:30 UTC


Required Mods: 

Arma 3 Preset Romans of AW gn.html


TS Address:



Player slots:

x1 28 man Legion scaled down legion obviously 



x2 Legs


This is a fictional legion No shit sherlock fighting a fictional battle with a pretence of Julius Argicola’s push into scotland.

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  • LH5 changed the title to Romans of AhoyWorld - The Long Road to Victory 09/04/2022 @ 18:00 UTC

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