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Situation Report & Mission Statement: Baltic Dawn

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Situation Report & Mission Statement: Baltic Dawn

15:28 UTC // 15th of January 2037 // Internal defence ministry distribution only


On October 15th, 2036, an alliance compromising of NATO and countries from around the Pacific Ocean attacked and invaded the Horizon Islands on the premise that the Government was corrupt, developing illegal weapons and intending on using those weapons on other countries to strengthen their own position in the world. The Horizon Island were a protectorate of CSAT and occupied the island under cover of a training mission. UK special forces, deployed ahead of the invasion to investigate the accusations and facilitate landings, clashed with Horizon Island and CSAT forces resulting in an international incident. These skirmishes escalated into tensions between NATO and CSAT. By the time the invasion force had landed on the Island surrounding events had already led to a third world war, a global conflict between NATO and CSAT.  Countries across the world have chosen sides. Russia is one of the exceptions; they decided not to pick a side.


Regardless of their choice to remain neutral Russa has been massing troops along its European border countries of Chernarus and Livonia. A build up that has been occurring well before the conflict broke out. With NATO now occupied on other fronts Livonia is concerned of a possible invasion from Russia. They have ramped up their military recruitment to facilitate its home defence as well as deployments across borders. Chernarus meanwhile, is attempting maintain it’s neutrality but is feeling the pressure from its neighbour. The Chernarus government is currently discussing its options. Either apply to NATO, declare total neutrality, or seek closer relations with Russia.


The Kremlin supports their military build-up as a response to the global conflict and a preparedness to defend its territory. While troop movements would support such a claim it’s odd how the number of forces in the west outweigh the numbers to the south and east bordering on arguably more hostile neighbours. While NATO is a threat to Russia the western coalition has been clear that they will let Russia be so long as no meddling occurs with NATO members. CSAT on the other hand is a greater one. Having used their application to CSAT to access and leak sensitive documents the coalition has denied Russia partnership and CSAT member nations have broken several treaties and trade deals with the country.


Livonia is a member of NATO. As such they are also participating in the conflict. Most of their current armed forces are being deployed to deal with Belarus, a CSAT member, on their south-eastern border. The remaining number of soldiers are not sufficient to for home defence, especially since Livonia is also expected to offer troops for a campaign in Turkey. For this reason, Livonia has ramped up recruitment greatly. Current projections indicate that active-duty personnel will number in the 60.000 within the next 3 months. Additionally, plenty of civilian defence militias exist and while most of these have joined the military plenty of militia groups exist on the border regions.

Eagle company is one of the newly trained units. They will be deployed to Turkey when training is complete. There they will be fighting along Turkish, French, and German forces retaking occupied Turkish territory. First, they will need to complete mechanized training on home soil, then receive climate training for the Mediterranean on Altis & Stratis. This situation report will follow Eagle company’s 3rd platoon as they progress through these stages.


 on January 17th Russian forces have begun an invasion of western Livonia. Most regions are currently fighting an overwhelming force to varying degrees of success. It is not yet clear what Russia's goal exactly is but experts believe it's annexation. All forces currently stationed within Livonia are to remain there to aid in the defence.




Civilian Militia


Russian Federation






Mission objective

Defend the country.

SITREP Mission Progress Notes

 -Russia has invaded.
-NATO is sending a German Detachment our direction. It will take some time to get here so we must hold out until then.

- The Nadbor region, where we are located, is holding out for now but gradually losing territory.
- A hundred soldiers, mostly support elements, have been captured when the Airfield was captured.

-Topolin infastructure has been blown up by Livonian guerrillas preventing Russians from setting up a supply base there.

-A special forces team managed to gather intel on a massive assault planned by Russian forces. Now that we know it is coming we can prepare for the attack. A vehicle column that was supposed to spearhead the attack has already been destroyed by artillery thanks to this information.
-The General in charge of the Nadbor front. Vladislav Brev, has been shot by a sniper team. We are unsure if he survived as his body was retrieved by the helicopter he was exfiltrating in.
-Several SAM sites around the western front have been destroyed freeing up airspace for our fighter jets and helicopters.

-An artillery position has been destroyed reducing the IDF our forces are receiving.


Any Further questions regarding the current situation may be directed at the officer by responding in the thread below.


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-Enemy SAM sites
-Enemy artillery
-The russians are planning an assault but since we have the specific plans we are prepared for them.
-General vladislav Brev was shot during a special forces operation. It is unsure if he survived.
-Germany is finally sending troops

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