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Vindicta Game night March 25th at 19:00 UTC 


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For the next few weeks I will be running Vindicta on Friday nights on EU3.


The format being me acting as Ground command and very lightly zeusing the playthrough.


What faction/map would people like to see?
 Bearing in mind it would be the faction we fight against and who's equipment we steal and use.


This Friday we will be doing a proof of concept run and I will release the modset and other details closer to the time.


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I like the idea of Altis and AAF. like River said, AAF doesn't get used much and it would fit the theme of Altis (The 3CB AAF faction seems to have a lot of cool stuff to steal). On top of that Altis seems like a good idea to do a first run of this mod on, since all of us know the map very well.

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Mission Name:

Vindicta Game night March 25th at 19:00 UTC 


Server Details: 


Port: 2302


Mods Required:

Arma 3 Preset Vindicta.html (Plus usual optional mods)

Note: The launcher will complain that you do not have FileXT, that is fine as it is only needed server side.


TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 35 

Teams will be organised ad hoc with there composition being determined by their mission.  


Map/Factions: RHS AAF 2020/ RHS AAF police on Altis 



Operating as overall command and as Zeus I will be assigning objectives depending on what is needed at the time.

The main objective in Vindicta is to overthrow the government.
To do this we will need:

  1. Supplies, lots of supplies, anything you take from the arsenal is finite and precious.
  2. Sway the opinion of the civilian population to our side.
  3. Capture towns / Checkpoints / outposts to increase our hold on the area.


I will do a quick introduction in game for anyone new to Vindicta when the server opens.

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  • MidnightRunner changed the title to Vindicta Game night March 25th at 19:00 UTC 

I actually really thoroughly enjoyed that.


The roleplay was on point and it was really fun having the seperate groups split off into different cells and have the opportunity to do their own thing, really made the mission feel even larger than it already is.


Would love to see this get to be played a little more often but I suppose we better not overly play it so it'll last. Can't wait for the next Friday to return as The Father of Eden's Gate.



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