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Vietnam #3 - SUNDAY 20/03/2022 @ 1900 UTC


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 Boat rides in Vietnam







In the wake of the ongoing war a SEAL detachment has been deployed at a remote location in order to stage for an up and coming attack on the NVA. The NVA controls the river stream, which makes it virtually impossible to reach their main operating base outside of air transport. Central command has given the order to seize and destroy multiple garrisons in order to weaken the NVA in the region and clear a path for the grunts to push through. We have jets on standby to precision hit pre targeted location once we've swept the defenses that protects them.


Friendly Forces

Navy SEALS, Special Task Force, Combined

- x1 Three-man Command Unit

- x3 Six-man Strike Teams

US Army, Conventional, Combined

AVRN, Conventional, Combined


Enemy Forces

PAVN, Conventional, Combined

VC, Guerillas



Sweep and clear all garrisons and clear a path through the riverbed.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overseer". Operational command falls on "Washington". 

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