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Escalating Terror current mission state


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A post giving a quick overview of the mission. 


SL Mod enabled

SRS enabled

Overlord bot to come soon:tm:


Here be a map pointing out the areas. 




Dynamic Range: 

A range of objectives that are as "random" as I can currently make them. 

Objective Kick start holds the Key to the SAM sites and A/A threats. Until you take out Obj Kick Start the majority of A/A will not spawn and Long Range SAM sites will not be active on the East side of the map. 

This area *should* not attack units outside its borders.


Heli mission area:

Missions with a short travel time made for Helicopters. 

This area currently has a couple objectives and will be expanded on in update 1.1 which will appear with the release of the Apache. 


Anti Ship Range:

4 Ships to go practice your antishipping


A/A Range:

A few enemy and friendly jets that wont shoot back to practice your A/A 



Place within the belly of the beast for daring heli pilots and daring jets to land. 



CTLD is enabled for slots with (CTLD) in the name


Combined Arms: 

JTAC/Operator slots have CA enabled.


The mission currently restarts every 4 hours


Mission and server are new and things are likely to go wrong, all part of the process :)





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Suppose now we are on 1.4 I should update this.





- Objectives spawn 2 minutes after the previous is destroyed. will start from version 1.4.1

- 50/50 chance on which objective is next in line for jet objectives.

- Objectives now have corrodents in the mission mark *see spoiler below*




MiG 29 spawn:

- MiG 29's are now always active and respawn within the blue circle with offset waypoints.


Russian Carrier Group:

- The group moves between Sochi and Gudauta. 

- It is active unlike the static range, when you approach it the Kuznetsov will start deploying Su-33's 2 at a time. Once destroyed 2 more will spawn, this will happen 5 times.


Ref 1: 

- Once all enemy at Kutaisi are destroyed a coms menu option will appear allowing you to spawn a c130 that needs escorting to the airfield. 

- Once it arrives it will deploy a security force capturing the airfield for our use.


Ref 2: 

- New helicopter mission spawns a unmarked reinforcement convoy once a % of units are killed.


Helicopter Range: 

- Unmarked insurgent camps can be found within the heli range area, expect an out of the blue igla.



- The red AWACS guides red air to blue forces. Once destroyed red jets will have a harder time finding and engaging you.






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