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Escalating Terror Feedback Thread


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We currently have 1 set of dynamic objectives that start of relatively easy and progressively get more difficult.  Would it be an idea to add another set (or multiple other sets) of dynamic objectives that start of harder and still get progressively more difficult?  The more difficult objectives would be further away for the more experienced players.  Maybe at another friendly airfield that doesn't have any spawns or only spawns for slow jets (A-10, frogfoot, ...)?

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Escalating Terror 1.1 Change Log


[Added] C-101CC slots
[Added] L-39ZA slots
[Added] SU-27 slots
[Added] AH-64D slots
[Added] CSAR https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-CSAR
[Added] New Helicopter objectives
    - Helicopter objectives further out in the mountains, objectives will activate a unmarked reinforcement convoy when attacked see hint in top right for start location. 
    - More helicopter objective spawns to the south. 
    - Unmarked insurgent camps within the helicopter range, look out for random iglas!
[Added] Rickard


[Tweaked] Helicopter spawn points & CTLD pickup locations
[Tweaked] Enemy Air difficulty & waypoint settings. 
[Tweaked] Hind CTLD access.
[Tweaked] SAM alert state.
[Tweaked] enemy airfield defences
[Tweaked] Practice range respawn method.
[Tweaked] Changed side of remaining land based units to CJTF blue.
[Tweaked] Adjusted range borders.
[Tweaked] Reduced units at Obj Kick start


[Fixed] Possible fix for MiG 29's in A/A practice range wondering off after shoot down.
[Fixed] Server crash on certian mission spawns. 
    -Removed all waypoints for patrol infantry at heli objectives apart from #blamestan... going to mess with this and see if I can bring patrols back for next update.



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20 hours ago, LH5 said:

[Tweaked] Enemy Air difficulty & waypoint settings. 

was a bit to effective on the flankers and they are now going outside the borders. Since they are non respawn AI will be put on the list for next patch unless they become a real problem.

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Could we get the ability to call in a c-130/ch-47 to capture airports for us?  Flying a UH-1 60nm isn't that enjoyable :D  Also, could we save captured airports and dynamic mission progression on mission/server restart?  And finally, could we get some UH-1s on the helicopter carrier?  

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On 3/20/2022 at 9:41 AM, Stanhope said:

Also, could we save captured airports and dynamic mission progression on mission/server restart?

Looking into some options


On 3/14/2022 at 9:02 AM, Stanic said:

Pls add some night stuff, perhaps a mission rotation with 2 day missions and 1 night like GAW.



ET change log 1.2


[Added] Security forces and CTLD pick up point to Kutaisi (this is a test to see how it goes on server, will extend to other airfields after seeing how it goes)
    - Security forces become available in the coms menu other tab once all enemy forces on the airfield have been destroyed. The Security forces transport has one life for now, if it is destroyed you will have to fly ground forces over via CTLD to capture the airfield. 
[Added] Helicopter spawns on Tarawa
[Added] CTLD pickup point on Tarawa
[Added] Day & Night cycle (7 hours day, 3 hours night) 
[Added] Blue SAM site within tanker area in case any AI start wondering again. 


[Tweaked] Mission Restart is now 7 hours for day, 3 hours night (this can be adjusted further, let me know if its to short or long a cycle)
[Tweaked] Obj I&A 4 test soon series are now SAM sites and can be located to the north in the mountains. 
[Tweaked] Replaced Tunguska's at Obj Excessive Delays with shilkas.
[Tweaked] Reduced Units in several objectives.


[Fixed] Temporary limited respawn for MiG 29's running away at Air to Air range while i figure out what I'm doing wrong with the scripts.

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ET change log 1.3


[Added] More CTLD ground forces, troops & logi vics
[Added] J-11A slots
[Added] Spitfire slot (now the most OP CTLD & CSAR machine, if you are willing to fly a ww2 plane into battle to save pilots you will have a those god damn Tardis physics)

[Added] Coms menu option to spawn CSAR missions


[Tweaked] Moved F16 waypoint 1 to spawn point & 3 to target
[Tweaked] CTLD FOB crates now need 3 small instead of 9. 
[Tweaked] Shortened distance needed to build crates from CTLD pickup points
[Tweaked] Increased randomisation of objective spawning
    - now its a 50/50 chance of 1 of 2 objectives next in line. Still predictable spawn points, working on a random scripted spawn.
[Tweaked] Scrapped 2 mission day night cycle. Now just 10 hour mission length that runs into night for 3 hours.
[Tweaked] ambient jet respawns
    - Replaced Mig 19's with MiG 29's. See how it goes. 
    - Now respawn inflight randomly within a zone with off set waypoints.
[Tweaked] Removed "good effect on target" sound effect on objectives destruction to reduce lag spikes.


[Fixed] Air to Air range jet respawns. Chance they may land and not respawn, if that happens hit um with a gun run.

You will see a few new options in the coms menu, in progress of implementing Moose. These options will not do much atm.


Persistent pain in my arse. Maybe soon:tm: maybe not, see how some tests go.

On 3/20/2022 at 9:41 AM, Stanhope said:

dynamic mission progression on mission/server restart?


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ET change log 1.3.2


[Added] Su-33 slots to Vaziani


[Tweaked] Made Tankers and AWACS invisible to AI.
[Tweaked] Replaced Mi-26 in helicopter objective area with Mi-8.


[Fixed] Ambient MiG-29S idle flight
    - Late activation was breaking the script. MiG's are now always active, be on the lookout.

[Fixed] CTLD Ammo truck spawning as a fuel truck.

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ET change log 1.4


[Added] Small Russian Carrier group
    - Moskva
    - Kuznetsov
    - Kilo Class Submarine


[Tweaked] Some ambient stuff respawning that should not.
[Tweaked] Tankers and AWACS no longer immortal and respawn.
    - no more bouncing on the ground when they run out of fuel.
[Tweaked] Increased fuel of FC3 jets to 100%



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ET Change log 1.4.1


[Added] Christen Eagle CTLD slot
[Added] Couple player drivable insurgent vics at Rusi FARP

[Added] Locked Gamemaster slot


[Tweaked] Enabled link4, etc for carriers
[Tweaked] 2 minute spawn delay on objectives
[Tweaked] switched out placeholder vics in heli range with insurgent vics 
[Tweaked] Switched Forrestal to Stennis to allow ACLS

[Tweaked] Blue Carrier group defences now online to prevent over head spawn camping migs

[Fixed] Sideways helicopter spawns


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ET Change log 1.5


[Added] JTACs vanilla and CTLD to jet static range
[Added] MiG29A & G slots

[Added] Gamemaster slots and game master script


[Tweaked] CSAR winch distance (20 meters to 90 meters)

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ET Change log 1.5.3


[Added] Mirage F1CE

[Added] Skiramp's at Tiblisi

- one marked on the tiny runway, more for practicing carrier take-off and landing.

- one on South east end of the smaller runway for fun.


[Tweaked] Replace Kilo class sub with Corvette Grisha

[Tweaked] Removed restrictions on RN-24 & RN-28 NUCLEAR bombs

- Deploy them wisely, if you drop it SLmod is watching and will give you the penalty points teamkills on both player and AI. 

[Tweaked] Moved F-14B & A land based to Tbilisi

[Tweaked] Moved Harrier spawn next to tiny runway skiramp


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ET change log 1.5.5


[Added] MB-399 slots

[Added] Blue SC Admiral Kuznetsov with Su-33 slots


[Tweaked] Added wind and some clouds

[Tweaked} Removed Zeus script temporarily while I figure out why its crashing the server in the new version

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2 Bugs both regarding A2A refuel:

1. Tanker "Texaco" doesnt show up in the comm menu so you cant contact em to refuel (tried it with F-15C which has simplified radio and i couldnt see it in the comm menu)

2. Tanker "Arco" uses Tacan frequency "16X" which it shares with nearby batumi

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