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Thought I should write a little introduction aswell as I'll be playing more often now aswell.


I'm Tizian or as, you will most likely see me on the servers, Kaiyo.


Have played Arma on and off since the Arma 2 DayZ times and just recently started to play a bit more again thanks to your resident war criminal, Sho_Iwaizumi.


You'll usually find me on the ground as your regular infantry man or machine gunner but I'm looking to try out flying a bit more soon ^^


And to finish this small introduction:

We don't like Toast and we don't like to be toasted.


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Hello @Kaiyo (Tizian), welcome to Ahoy.


Enjoy the Tour with Sho, just remember to forget what you saw when he is on trial!! 🤫 Also if you are looking to get some heli practice in your can check this out 


Some offline practice in all the transport helicopters available on EU#1/I&A3 plus pretty much everything we use in modded game nights the link is for a modded scenario, credit to Cakes or if you need some one to one I am sure Toast would give advice on it, safer to be his copilot ;)

Hope to catch you server side!

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Trial? I dont know this man! 


Thanks for that, already got the scenario sent by sho and got a couple of hours in.

Also edited it to get the vietnam addon helis in aswell xD


Not too sure if I trust Toast enough for that as we dont like toast and dont like to be toasted 🤣

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