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Vietnam #2 - SUNDAY 13/03/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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Another day in Vietnam






After our last week’s success, we’ve managed to open up our air space and allow air traffic to flow. The NVA are seeing this as a major loss and have subsequently decided to increase their presence on the frontlines. The grunts have been able to gain territory and push the enemy back further every day, but are facing major backlash as the NVA are able to bolster the frontlines with tanks and heavy weaponry. With the increased numbers, the central command has shown only one interest; cut off the reinforcements. As this will happen behind enemy lines, we’ve been tasked. With our excellent reconnaince, we’ve managed to locate a choke point we can use for an ambush site. Problem is, we’ll be facing the enemy 100 to 1 and they’ll have the armor, but we’ll have close air support.


Friendly Forces

MACV-SOG, Special Task Force, Combined

- x1 Three-man Command Unit

- x3 Six-man Strike Teams

- x2 Two-man Aviation crews

US Army, Conventional, Combined

AVRN, Conventional, Combined


Enemy Forces

PAVN, Conventional, Combined

VC, Guerillas



Set up an ambush near the A Bung choke point. Neutralize any mobilizing enemies while the grunts are moving up.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overseer". Operational command falls on "Washington". 




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