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Game Mode Rotation

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As a Normal Member I know it's a bit rude to ask to do this as it contains work, but I am intrigued to see how many people would be interested to have a Game Mode Rotation on EU3/AWE instead of continuing to play Frontlines constantly.

I think I talked about it a lot with other Members when Frontlines/AWE came up in a discussion and I for my side didn't want to bring it up in a public/open discussion as it feels like a betrayal towards @DomT as he made Frontlines and put a lot of effort into it. (Which makes me ask if Frontlines is available on Steam Workshop or so nvm i got it)

For now i would only want to know if people would "come back" and populate the server again if there would be anything else besides frontlines.

I have hopes that if we do this that we also get more people into the "Dev" position so just dont't have Dom doing dev on Frontlines but also others on like VIndicta or Escape etc.

Anyway I hope I can get some feedback on this discussion and
see you on the Frontlines

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