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Sanctuary - Mission 1 26/02/2022 1900 UTC


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Campaign Sanctuary

Mission 1 “Not all is what it seems”


Server: AWE




The war on drugs continues. The CIA has sent an operational detachment to Argentina at the request of the DOJ via backchannels due to some rumors that Colombian cartels are expanding into their remote countryside.




Preliminary HUMINT probing has given us a lead of a person that both has enough connections to know most of whats going on in the area and, is willing to share this info seeing as he has voiced his hatred towards the cartel’s.


- The ODA is to establish contact with a informant living in the muslim area of Sangasta.

- Move on any actionable intel given by the informant.


Friendly forces

1x HQ element (commander, uav operator)

3x ODA groups


Enemy forces

Cartel forces

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  • MidnightRunner changed the title to Sanctuary - Mission 1 26/02/2022 1900 UTC

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