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Pirates of AhoyWorld - Hunt for the Lost Treasure 19/02/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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Pirates of AhoyWorld - Hunt for the Lost Treasure





Having just bought a ship the newly formed AhoyWorld crew are looking to make a name for themselves in the Caribbean. What better way than to find the long lost treasure of the old God's.


However you are not the only ones on the hunt for this treasure, the English Independent Company are also on the hunt.


A few weeks ago a map leading to the long lost treasure surfaced in the streets of Hangmans Cove when a man called Bob sought out the mayor for funding of an expedition to find the treasure.



Go to Hangmans Cove and see what information you can find on Bob & the treasure.



                      Server Details:                                                               Required mods:                                                    TS address:

                     IP:                                                          Arma 3 Preset Pirates of AW .html                                             ts.ahoyworld.net

                     Port: 2302

                     Server opens 18:30 UTC





                                                                 Player Slots: 28                                                                                     Ships:

                                                                   Alpha - Delta // 7 man crew                                                                        x3 Sloops

                                                                                                                                                                                        x1 Frigate




In this mission you will be working as a crew to operate a ship, if you intend on playing as a captain (SL) you will want to read this "quick" guide from the mod creator.

(if you do not plan on playing as SL I recommend skimming it anyway as it will make things easier)




As a stand in for gold we will be using bananas

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