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The Bloodhounds #4 - SUNDAY 13/02/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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The Bloodhounds






Last OP was a success. However it has caused some complications with our stay in the country. We’re trying to talk our way out of it by saying we were on a patrol per request by our payrollers and they engaged us, but they aren’t buying it. This forces our British allies to aid in the negotiations on our behalf. 

However, as  a consequence of all of this, the Takis decided to up the amount of militia raids. Not long ago, one of our businesses was struck and later a British convoy. The British retaliated by showing a larger and more armoured presence in the area, but without any luck, failed to attract a presence. That was until a group of seven elite operatives from her majesty's service was heading home in their rovers. Their convoy of two vehicles were struck in a passage. The only information we’ve received is that they got overrun and captured, not killed. Since the attack happened so close to the takis, the British are scared their intervention on the matter would cause a further diplomatic dissolution, and as a result has asked us to see to it.


Friendly Forces

The Bloodhounds, Private Military Contractors

- x1 Two-man command element

- x5 Four-man operating elements

- x1 Two-man tacticool pilot element

British Armed Forces, Army & Airforce


Neutral Forces

Takistan Insurgents, Grunts w/ technicals


Enemy Forces

Takistan Militia, Grunts w/ technicals

Takistan Military, Army & Airforce



A team of UKSF was captured in an ambush. Our objective is to find and rescue these fine men.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overseer". Operational command falls on "Master Chief". 

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