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Aon, that's my name backwards. Original, eh?


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I'm Noa, a young gamer/musician/"slob-teenager whatever", who recently got excited to play some military sims while watching Dslyecxi's videos!


I'm still rather new to Arma 3, and to AW, but I played arma 2 for.....what....2 years? I guess you can call me a beginner in the series, but I've got a firm grip on the game and the atmosphere surrounding it.

Regarding people I play with and how I play with them, I'm what most people would call a "softie" or a "loser", because I don't want to offend people. I guess you could call me a "nice guy". I'm most interested in playing ACRE, and flying. I'm not good at either one, so if you want to play with me, you  have some ability to withstand a lot of "wah....?" "wat...?" and "wtf...?"! I want to have a good time with some nice people.


Anyway, see you on the battlefield!


Since I've had a good time many evening in a row now, I decided to donate! The admins I've played with have been good guys and I've felt like the people in charge are doing their job as best they can. Donated simply to reward that effort. Cheers!

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Heyyyyy dere gode tu ce u bradaa. Ok I'll drop the rasta. Good to see you on the forums and hope you enjoy the donater's jacuzzi (Its all lies, don't touch the CAKE!!!). Anyway I hereby release you to browse the forums. Til next time...

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