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The Bloodhounds #2 - SUNDAY 23/01/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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The Bloodhounds






After discovering the dead British soldiers, they’ve started blaming the militia. We have however put ourselves on the suspect list as well. However, as a result of the dead brits, the UK has increased their presence; having deployed multiple checkpoints and begun working diplomatic negotiations with the takistanian government in order for NATO to allow an iron fist to be swayed above the country.


For us, this means we need to stay low and it appears we’ve received a job that supports that.


Friendly Forces

The Bloodhounds, Private Military Contractors

- x1 Two-man command element

- x5 Four-man operating elements

- x1 Two-man tacticool pilot element


Neutral Forces

Takistan Military, Army & Airforce

British Advisors, Advisors

Takistan Insurgents, Grunts w/ technicals


Enemy Forces

Takistan Militia, Grunts w/ technicals



A local miner has been reporting loss of vehicles en-route due to militia activities. Meet up with him at one of his mining sites and discuss what kind of help is required.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overseer". Operational command falls on "Master Chief". 

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