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My Newest Dumb Idea: AhoyWorld Helo Transport Scenario

JJ Cakes


I was playing on my modded Wibbler scenario and had a dumb idea:


Leverage I&A3 code to create a single player scenario where main AO's are spawned 1-by-1 and you fly out of Guardian using any of the transport helos available.  Landing within X number of meters of the center of the AO constitutes a good landing, and landing successfully back at Guardian clears that AO and spawns a new one.  Once all main AO's have been completed you "win".  The reason I say Guardian is it's centrally located.


If you crash on landing or get shot down, that AO is reset and you need to successfully complete both phases to advance.


Main AO's would spawn with all assets they normally spawn with if possible, if not just armored units.


Extra credit: A chance of enemy CAP on AO spawn.


So now we can point new pilots to a scenario that's as close to flying on EU#1 as possible w/o all the death encountered by their passengers during their training phase we normally encounter.


This is most likely an ass ache of epic proportions to implement, but if not and the idea has merit I'd be willing to help out with my limited SQF skillz.  There might be grunt work I could handle.

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