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The Bloodhounds #1 - SUNDAY 16/01/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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The Bloodhounds






“The Bloodhounds” are in Takistan to perform foreign and in-country bidding. The newly formed Takistanian Regime is already taking the country ruling with an iron fist. After several reports over a couple of days, regarding human right violations, NATO sent some military advisors from the UK Armed Forces. Their role is to evaluate and teach strategy and handling as a part of the Takistan military tactics.


However we’ve gracefully accepted a contract from a third party that pays handsomely. Our contract is simple: Disrupt affairs between NATO and Takistan.


Friendly Forces

The Bloodhounds, Private Military Contractors

- x1 Two-man command element

- x5 Four-man operating elements

- x1 Two-man tacticool pilot element


Neutral Forces

Takistan Military, Army & Airforce

British Advisors, Advisors

Takistan Insurgents, Grunts w/ technicals


Enemy Forces

Takistan Militia, Grunts w/ technicals



Passive actions are not our strong suit. We need to hit them hard. First order of business; strike a blow on the British forces.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overseer". Operational command falls on "Master Chief". 


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