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Hi all,


just wanted to introduce myself. I am a longtime-Arma 3-Gamer. I am based in Germany and usually play in a large community, the TTT.

I was looking for a platform and community where I have the opportunity to do more pilot jobs as I love to do transport pilot tasks - especially on the Little Bird / Hummingbird.


Looking forward to supporting our troops.

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Hi @Thomas_GER, welcome to Ahoy. Check out EU1/2 transport is always welcome. We have Frontlines (modded) also which depending on map progression unlocks air support but always has some form of a heli for troop transport / logistics. You can find plenty of info here on the Forum, https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/182-frontlines/


If you have any interest in Jets there is a gamenight running on the 4th(tomorrow) by Bomer.


United States Navy

·         Avenger, Jaws // 2-man F35F CAP flight

·         Hurricane, Werewolf, Caveman// 2 F/A-181 blackwasp II CAS flight


Post is here

Hope to catch you server side!

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