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AW end of the year awards 2021 RESULTS


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It's a Christmas miracle! Santa's elves can and helped me out to bring you all the results a whole day after the submissions closed!

There rests me only one thing to do. Share the results! I couldn't agree more with all of the people and moments you put forward. In some cases I had to make a pick due to the lack of collective submission. I hope I made the right choice.


We will now put a close to an eventful year and toast to a new one that's right around the corner!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year! See you all next year, whatever may come!

AW MVP 2021: @DomT for his efforts on Frontlines!

AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2021: @possiblyEOD

AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2021: @Whigital

AW Most Active Staff Member 2021: @chicken_no6 

AW Strictest Staff Member 2021: @chicken_no6

AW Best Team Player 2021: @Mikael

AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2021: @SiegeSix

AW Most Friendly Member 2021: @Art3misZA 

AW Tacti-cool member 2021 : @Rickard

AW Underrated Member 2021: @Schubz

AW Most Incoherent Member 2021: a triple first place between @Walk'N, @RiverWolf & @Murph

AW DAAASSS BOOOOT 2021 - The drunkest member of 2021: @RiverWolf

AW Best/Worst Pilot 2021: @Gambit 

AW Worst Pilot 2021: @Murph

AW Best Voice 2021: @Murph

AW Funniest Person on Team Speak 2021: @FrOzT

AW Worst Joke 2021 : @LH5 “Hi back.”

AW Best Moment 2021: There are indeed to many to note even between the ones submitted, But the game nights always create the best ones. Thank you @MidnightRunner, @SiegeSix, @Murph, @kennychr, @Johnson@Havoc & @Bomer for making these moments possible!

AW Best Forum Post 2021 (please put URL in): @Bomer's End of the year awards, though it’s really a reward to us all.

AW Dankest Meme Post In Discord 2021: @Moto

AW Best Driver 2021: @Jochem & @Pvt. Zwerger for setting a killer time in AW’s first rally stage

AW Worst Driver 2021: @FrOzT

AW Best Fail 2021: A quadruped tie between

AW Best Ban of 2021: All of them

AW TeamSpeak Channel 2021: The AWE couple that is Setup-Room & Ahoyworld Enhanced [TFAR]

AW Best Screenshot 2021: @LH5's masterful screenshots for Frontlines.

AW Best/Worst Call-out 2021: Any important message Cut off by TFAR

AW Candidate for the Hague 2021: @Sho_Iwaizumi You may not have been on often, but you were there when it mattered.

AW Role Model 2021: @JJ Cakes

AW Best Shot/Worst 2021: @SiegeSix

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Thanks for all the votes people, its nice to see what an impact Frontlines has made. It was really fun to build and, with the suggestions from everyone, continue to improve. Frontlines will always be the gamemode designed by the community, for the community. 

Even with my more limited time currently, we'll keep building it up further :)

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43 minutes ago, Bomer said:

AW Candidate for the Hague 2021: @Sho_Iwaizumi You may not have been on often, but you were there when it mattered.

One Day I will go to the Hague and get a Letter of innocence. Just wait and then I will prove my innocence


for 2021, can't say i did not in 2020


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