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Let's Get The Record Straight Pt. 2 - SUNDAY 19/12/2021 @ 19:00 UTC


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Record Straight Pt. 2

Mission Length

90-120 minutes



Arma 3 Preset RecordStraight.html

3den enhanced removed.




“So I’m supposed to believe the Taliban somehow rigged multiple buildings to cause as much chaos needed to attract our attention?” - CID Agent

“It’s what happened.” - Stanic

“Listen, Warrant Officer, Stanic, these charges aren’t just something where we sit down and have a little chat. We have multiple confirmed civilian casualties as well as severe structural damage to private AND commercial properties, and the only faces we can blame, well, it ain’t the Taliban.” - CID Agent

“Didn’t you guys send some investigation team to check out the AO?” - Stanic
“We did. American C4 were the primary offender to the structural damage. NATO 556 were used to shoot the civilians. Last we checked, the Taliban ran with ancient Soviet weapons.” - CID Agent

“This is aint’ right.” - Stanic

“Of course not. Looks like our time is up. I will speak to you later this evening” - CID Agent.



Friendly Forces

US Green Berets, Motorized Special Operatives


Enemy Forces

Taliban, Motorized Insurgents



While the interviews are on hold, the ODAs set out in the early hours to check out a blind clue, that may help them understand what is happening.


Command / Logistics

Overall commnads falls on Overlord. Opertional command falls on Alpha Commanding Officer.



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