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commissar Teal Fox


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In-game name when banned: commissar Teal Fox


What message displays when you attempt to connect? You were Kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Ban (Commissar Teal Fox / Racism / Mark T))


Why do you think you were banned? well the message says ''rasicm'' witch is a lie as i remember it as was it yesterday, in short the pilot crash landed a heli and half the crew got smacked, it had been a shit game all night so tensions was high and i poped and shot him. a minute later i was permabanned for rasicm.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? 1. reason is bullshit :)
2. it was a smoll one time thing that i do regret
3. lifetime battleye ban for a one time raged teamkill? bit overkill init?
4. ill behave this time i promise :)


Which administrator banned you (if known): Mark T


When were you banned: oh its been years, 2016 i think. took a long break from arma


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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Hello @wetBear,


I have reviewed your original ban which was in 2016. 

Based on a review of the ban and the chat logs from the time the original was justified based on the language used alone.


Normally a ban appeal after 5 years would be eligible for to be revoked due to "time served".

However, given the dismissive nature of your ban appeal I do not feel you understand the reason for your ban or have acknowledged your failure to adhere to our rules and are then likely to recommit those infractions.


Therefore, I will have to refuse your ban appeal at this time.

You may appeal again in 30 days, hopefully after reading our rules and with a renewed perspective on the situation.





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