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Let's Get The Record Straight Pt. 1 - SUNDAY 12/12/2021 @ 19:00 UTC


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Record Straight Pt. 1

Mission Length

90-120 minutes






“Warrant Officer, we both know what happened there. We’ve talked to the other members of your team. You can’t talk your way out of this one. We have local eye witnesses and drone footage of what happened that day. If I were you, I’d accept the deal and write a confession.” - CID Agent

“Confession? To what? A lie? Do you not have a recording of our comms during that OP? It would tell you everything.” - WO

“Unfortunately the server that contained the files was lost in an “accident”. How about you tell me what I would hear if I listened in? ” - CID Agent

“Well, we left MOB Grace...” - WO


Friendly Forces

US Green Berets, Motorized Special Operatives

- 2x12 ODAs


Enemy Forces

Taliban, Motorized Insurgents



The year is 2014 and the US Green Berets are still at large operating inside of Afghanistan trying to suppress the Taliban. One of their primary objectives is to train a local Afghan Army to stand against their own. However, on one tour two ODAs were sent on a patrol to investigate some complaints of the elders from a nearby town regarding Taliban harassment.


Command / Logistics

Overall commands falls on Overlord. Operational command falls on Alpha Commanding Officer




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