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How would I set up for Sefrou-Ramal?


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Assuming you're only making a map and not a player and an enemy faction as well:


Copy the mission folder and paste it with the correct file name behind the . (so I&A.newMapNameHere instead of I&A.altis), go to the Main_AOs.hpp file in the defines folder, in both the bases and Main_AOs classes create sub classes following the example of the other ones with the map name used above.  In the editor delete all the AO & FOB markers and create new ones, following the naming convention of that file (so AO_SomeNameHere).  The name of the class should be the same as the marker name.  Give them the correct display name and type.  For FOBs you'll need to put more markers down and put them in the correct define, again see the examples in that file.  Put the static bases first, then the FOBs and then the other AOs.  Once you've done that update basemanager, baseTeleport and baseTeleportSetup in the function/base folder.  


And once all of that is done test every single AO you created to ensure that you didn't make a typo anywhere in any of the marker names as that will completely break the mission.  


Now for part 2: ensure that there are enough side mission to play, the default ones available on all maps are located in \Missions\Side, the ones that are map specific are located in "\Altis\Missions\Side" (assuming you copied from altis).  Either new missions need to be created for this map or the existing altis (or vietnam) missions updated to work on all maps (including vietnam).  The shared mission (located in \Missions) also need to be tested that they work correctly on this map (e.g. no out of place buildings)

This part needs to be repeated for prio missions and subobjectives as well.  


Don't forget to check that the fortifications spawned by main_AO_spawn_specific in \functions\AI is also not spawning anything that's out of place. Oh and don't forget to update fortifyBuildingDefs in \Functions\Defines.


I probably forgot to mention a few things but arma will send you an error with what I forgot.  Once you've done all that send anyone in the dev team the edited files and we'll get them put into our version control system.  


If you want to make a player and/or enemy faction as well there "a few" other things you need to change as well.  

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