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DCS World Server/Mission Discussion Thread


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  • LH5 changed the title to DCS World Server/Mission Discussion Thread

Small update on mission progress for you.





1: Convoy Range has been moved


2: Marked Dynamic range borders 


3: Dynamic range updates.


- Objectives will no longer spawn one at a time, over the first 20 minutes of the mission additional objectives will spawn in across the range area.

This is to help spread out players and increase objective play time, an added benefit to this is a sense of a battlefield rather than just range with a target.

(there is a limited number of objectives, this is not a small number and is increasing every time I work on the mission. The mission is also set to restart every 4 hours so you will have a hard time pushing those objectives to the limit *in theory*)


- More RED air spawns have been added to dynamic range & will grow with each added objective. (RED AWACS is now out there for the AWACS hunters amongst us)


- New objective type, Factory. Lower number of SAM threats (more short range self defence rather than long range SAM) & more building based targets.


4: Helicopter based "dynamic" objectives, shorter distance between spawn to target & targets within objectives suited for helicopter combat/weaponry so running infantry, tents, lower AA threat, etc (100% not in preparation of apache release ;))


5. Supercarrier added to the fleet per @foxike request.




The map after 20 minutes. once objectives start to be attacked RED air spawns will start



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On 11/16/2021 at 11:24 AM, LH5 said:

(You will find me local hosting the mission for testing now & then. These are not private tests if im in the DCS TS channel, so if you happen to be on at the same time as when im running it come try it out :))

@LH5 will you be running a scheduled test later in the delevlopment? I never seem to be on when you are testing.

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15 hours ago, Damo3D said:

will you be running a scheduled test later in the delevlopment? I never seem to be on when you are testing.


While on local host testing no event style scheduled stuff as my internet is unstable when it comes to hosting DCS atm, so that would be awkward as everyone gets kicked off from timeouts.

@GhostDragon is currently in the process of setting up the DCS server on one of our boxes. So keep an eye out for a scheduled event very soon.


Now for an update on the mission.

I have the mission in a state that I'm happy to call 1.0, don't want it to be stuck in an endless "beta" version state. I wont be messing with it anymore until its running on AW server else ill just keep editing & messing with it without major feedback. I'm going to bring it up on local and let it run for 4 hours tonight from 16:00UTC - 20:00UTC ish to see if anything pops up that speed running it in editor did not show. So if you happen to be around tonight there you go a scheduled test, expect to drop connection at least once if you join 🤣



Mission update: 

- Convoy range removed.

It was causing the mission to crash, will look at adding it back in at a later date once servers up and running.


- Now in a 1.0 state & will no longer be edited until AW server tests/launch (apart from any bug fixes during setup & final long local test)



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To give a small update from my side:


I know i have been quiet recently on all fronts. Work ramped up quick after easter with a new job and then with black friday/christmas rush its not looking like calming down any time soon. But still, the server is installed and we seem to have the mission running, i just need to ensure that restarter scripts are set up correctly to ensure stability and brush off some of the other server side setup things before im happy to push live. Also wanting to ensure that staff have all the tools they need to ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable time on the server!

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