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AW end of the year awards ideas 2021


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Hi all,


The end of 2021 is rapidly approaching and we had one hell of a year. This also means it is time to begin the process of awarding our annual award ceremony.

We begin this by gathering and voting for the awards we will be awarding. This thread will close on Friday 26th of November. Voting on who wins these awards will then open on the 1st of december and continue until the 23rd.

Noted below are the awards we used last year in no particular order. If you have any additions you feel would add to this year's award ceremony be sure to submit your desired award below! The list is already quite well covered with a total of 28 awards.

  • AW MVP 2021
  • AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2021
  • AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2021
  • AW Most Active Staff Member 2021
  • AW Strictest Staff Member 20201 
  • AW Best Team Player 2021
  • AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2021
  • AW Most Friendly Member 2021
  • AW Tacti-cool member 2021 
  • AW Underrated Member 2021
  • AW Most Incoherent Member 2021 
  • AW DAAASSS BOOOOT 2021 - The drunkest member of 2021
  • AW Best/Worst Pilot 2021
  • AW Best Voice 2021
  • AW Funniest Person on Team Speak 2021
  • AW Worst Joke 2021 
  • AW Best Moment 2021 (can be in-game, on Teamspeak or Forum)
  • AW Best Forum Post 2021 (please put URL in)
  • AW Dankest Meme Post In Discord 2021
  • AW Best Driver 2021
  • AW Worst Driver 2021
  • AW Best Fail 2021
  • AW Best Ban of 2021
  • AW TeamSpeak Channel 2021
  • AW Best Screenshot 2021
  • AW Best/Worst Call-out 2021
  • AW Candidate for the Hague 2021 
  • AW Role Model 2021
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