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Cold War Ahoyworld Gamenight Monday 15/November/2021


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Part One: Sitzkreig



Server Details:

Port: 2302


Mod Preset:


Global Mobilisation DLC is Required


Ace Compat – GM

Ahoyworld Mod


Enhanced Movement

Global Mobilization Extra – TFAR Compatibility

Task Force Arrowhead (Beta!!!)

Zeus Enhanced

Zeus Enhanced – Ace Compatability


Normal optional mods are whitelisted.




Mission brief 19:00 UTC. 


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (including brief), (may go over or under expected mission length).


Player Slots:

16 + 3 Zeus



November 10th 1983

As the conclusion of exercise Able Archer 83 West German units are returning to normal operations.   The Panzergrenadierbataillon 606, was assigned to Weferlingen for the exercise.


During the exercise Recce Company has been tasked with monitoring ‘Soviet’ manoeuvres across the line and has been spread thin.



In the event of Soviet invasion, the plan was for the A. Coy, Panzergrenadierbataillon 606, supported by a recce company detachment is to destroy key bridges leading into their AO.  These are objectives Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, and Spy.


Recce Detachment;


1x Rifle Squad (A. Panergrenadier)

Squad leader


5x Rifleman

1x Mg Gunner

2x AT Rifleman


2x Iltis LATGM.

1x Iltis Medical.

1x Iltis Unarmed (also medical vehicle).



Armoured Recon Vehicle






Armoured Recon Vehicle






A. Coy, with recce  detachment, is to demolish the designated bridges preventing Soviet Armour from pushing the bridges.


Once the bridges were destroyed recce was to move to reinforce A Coy Obj Huntsman and screen any push towards A Coy HQ at Obj Wolf.


B Coy would operate independently South of Querenhorst with its own Recce detachment.



A. Coy Recce Detachment would have a supply point set up at the radio compound between Meinkot and Obj Soldier.


Medical Iltis would serve as a respawn and medical vehicle.  Additional vehicles captured could also be used to treat wounded.


Engineering vehicles could be used to repair, refuel and rearm vehicles.


Command and Control:

Operational command will be with Squad Leader.


Able Archer 83 Initial AAR:

Forces would suffer high casualties, trying to hold initial Soviet push.  Their vehicles, and supplies could either be salvaged or destroyed depending on the situation.


It is expected that any Soviet push would be led by Russian armour therefore it would be imperative for fast moving recce detachments to help destroy the bridges as quickly as possible.

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