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Community Meeting #2 5/11/21 @ 19:00 UTC


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Hi All,


It's been 3 months (and 2 weeks, don't @me) so it's time for the next Community Meeting. It will be held on Friday 5th at 19:00UTC on TeamSpeak.


As with the last meeting I will streaming to Twitch for those that cannot attend. This time I will also be asking for a volunteer to take not of minutes so that they can be made available on the forum, if you would like to volunteer for this please comment below or message me directly.


A draft agenda is below, please add any suggestions on a topic you wish discussed in the comments below:


Part 1 - Core Staff presentation

  • Financial update 
  • Staff Update
    • Availabilities
  • Development & project updates 
    • EU1 & EU2 I&A3/I&A4 
    • AWE
      • Frontlines
      • Mod list review
    • AW Mod


Part 3 - Community Topics

  • Community suggested topics will be added here



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Have an event today and won't be able to make community meeting 😔

However I would like to suggest the below for a community topic discussion among those who are there and see what the consensus is among members.

The merits of it are clear and I did  see  additional promotion on twitter recently that attracted a couple of people.


Grateful if you can get this on the agenda and who knows what the discussion may inspire.



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