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[AWE] Frontlines Wednesday - 06/10/2021 @17:30 UTC


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We're rallying for another mid-week bout of Frontlines!


Mission Length

~2 hours, with a chance to carry on open-ended


Mod set/how to join






We are tasked with clearing out Malden, weakening the enemy's foothold and reducing their numbers.


Friendly Forces

Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

1x 3-man HQ (CMD, RTO, UAV)

3x 9-man Rifle Squads

1x 3-man Fire Support Group

2x 3-man Vehicle Crew

2x 2-man Air Crew

1x 2-man Logistics  


Independent Forces



Enemy Forces

Horizon Island Defence Force (HIDF) is an organised, regular force suspected to have access to these assets:

Regular infantry

Airborne QRF

Motorised and mechanised transport


Rotary-wing aircraft

Fixed-wing aircraft


Reconnaissance has identified key locations serving as radio communications facilities to sabotage or capture. Reports of quick-response Forward Operating Bases as well as supply depots around the island are also coming in.



Gain a foothold and fortify our position. Capture strategic objectives. Establish favourable relations with the local populace.



At CMD’s discretion.


Section cohesion is of utmost importance. The enemy outnumbers us greatly and will not hesitate to exploit gaps in our situational awareness.

Counter-attacks and a general resistance to our efforts will ask for quick shifts in our tactics.


Admin / Logistics

Reinforcements are unlimited and directed by CMD. Resupply is CMD’s prerogative.

Enemy prisoners of war (POW) are to be treated well and brought to base for questioning.


The Logistics team has full discretion as to the fortification of our FOB under CMD's guidance. If no other tasking, default to supply and POW escort.


Command / Signal

Operations and ground control lie solely with the Platoon Commander. The RTO handles air traffic and can supplement communications.


Support unit slots are under Platoon Command's prerogative and can be asked to reconsider their slot, but never forced to give them up in favour of another player. All units must be tasked fairly.


Squad leaders are responsible for the operational effectiveness of their teams.

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