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[AWE] Cataclysm Campaign

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Hi All,


For the next 4/5 Fridays we will be running a post apocalyptic style campaign. I'm attaching the modset here so you guys can download any mods you don't have.

I'd say the only large mod you may not have is the map Esseker.


Arma 3 Preset AW_Cataclysm.html




Following an unknown cataclysm the world was plunged into chaos. Most electronics ceased to work and strange anomalies started to appear all over the world. As global governments scrambled to adapt to these events another problem came to light. 
A virus emerged which was fatal to almost all those exposed. While a small amount were immune another group were transformed by the virus into violent inhuman creatures, who more resemble fictional zombies than real humans.


In the decade since the event colloquially known as the Convergence the surviving remnants of humanity have banded together in small groups, surviving as best they can. Though not all of these groups are friendly. What little technology still survives is hoarded by the more powerful groups.





After several tough years your group had created a good life for yourselves. Through farming and trading with other groups you have managed to ensure that your people are fed and are safe from this hostile world.

That was until a group of raiders attacked during the night and overwhelmed your defenses while most of the fighters were out on a trading run.

When they made it back, they found only a handful of survivors, some were killed and others were taken along with all of the food and supplies stored.


That is where we begin, can you survive in this world? Will you be able to find those that attacked you and get your people back?

Mission briefing will follow in the events section, keep an eye out for it. 

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